It's all about your space.

We are profoundly passionate about home automation and technology. So we’ve set out to make it better. To bring you more options than ever to customize your space's lifestyle. To provide you with highly trained engineers and the latest cutting-edge technology. To reimagine spaces with 24/7 convenience at the tap of a finger. We are Innovative Technology Solutions.

So long endless remote searching.

Control any room with just a touch from your tablet or smartphone. You can view your spaces at a glance and quickly access controls to make your atmosphere just the way you like it.

Leave home with one tap to turn off the lights and get out the door faster, set your hot tub to heat up on your way home from work, or start your day with the news on the tv and the shades opening automatically.

No more worrying about leaving the pool heater on or leaving the gate open. Customize your space anytime, anywhere. All effortlessly done with a few taps on your device.


High performance you can trust.

We offer start-to-finish design work, beginning with a set of plans and delivering a complete set of engineering documents and computer programs; For our team or yours.

We are a white-glove service team that will work with your contractor, architect, or interior designers to ensure the quality and integrity of your project. We are also members of CEDIA, the global leaders in the home technology industry, to ensure we are always up to date on the newest methods, training, and technology available.

Your space finally gets some technology love.

We use the power of technology to tie your entire space together with our premium solutions and high quality hand-selected products. We incorporate multi-room audio systems, audio visual integration, home theater, lighting systems, electronic shade control, home security and surveillance, computer networks, telephones, climate control and more into a living ecosystem that fits your unique needs. See our full list of solutions below.


home automation
home theater
lighting + shades
audio + video
climate control
phone systems
entry + bell systems
gate control
green technology
pool + irrigation
Video Surveillance
Monitor activities real-time whether you’re in the house or on the other side of the world.
Lighting Control
Create the perfect ambiance and save energy with intelligent and effortless control of your lights.
Voice Recognition
Talk to your home to manage smart control of lights, security, entertainment and more.
Reliable, robust and secure network for communications and home control.
Multiroom Music
Share your music sources (receiver, internet radio, or iTunes playlists) across multiple rooms in your home.
Motorized Window Treatments
Maximize convenience, comfort and efficiency with automated window coverings for shades, drapery, and more.
Climate Control
Create a comfortable environment with smart temperature control at home or while away.
Media Room
Convert any space in your home into a multi-purpose sensory stimulating experience by incorporating the latest in audio and video technologies.
Media Control
Access favorite shows, movies and music effortlessly from one remote or smart device.
Smart Home Technology
Enhance your lifestyle with simple, yet sophisticated control of music, video, lights, climate and more.

Interactive Luxury Home

See the possibilities of automation than with our interactive luxury home. Simply click on each area to learn more about the many technologies that can fit seamlessly into your home.




We meet with you to identify your vision and decide what your goals are for your home or business. During this meeting we will explore the scope of needs and wants in correlation to your budget.


Initial Design

Using that information and blueprints from your architect, we complete a room-by-room design for business or home automation. Typically this is an “all-out” design to give perspective for what is possible and plan for future upgrades.



With design in hand we can plan for pre-wiring the property. We “future proof” by wiring in the full bundle set regardless of the final design to allow for possible growth and expansion. Once the wires are in place, it makes future modifications a snap.


Trim Out & Install

When the rest of the trades are complete, we trim out all connection locations on property. We then test and certify that all connections are 100% functional. Install ports, snap jacks, and plates. Depending on the scope of your project we estimate 2-3 weeks of installation.


System Programming

After installation we program the system to your desired specifications for its functionality. After this point your house or business is a blank canvas waiting for you to imprint it with your own creativity. Here, we apply our user-interface design experience to mold the controls to the way you will use them.



It’s inevitable that as you use the systems your needs will evolve. That’s why even after the installation is complete, we provide a continuing presence for software updates or added functionality.


Innovative is a technology and home automation team that specializes in residential homes, commercial properties and more. We harmonize spaces so that every system and piece of technology work perfectly together.

See our featured projects below.


  • As a contractor for the past 30 years, I have had the fortune to have worked with many companies. Working with Innovative Technology Solutions has been amazing . I have worked with them both as a contractor and as their client. The experiences have been exceptional. Their creative approach to designing home automation systems is second to none. Creativity along with professionalism as well as their ability to work as a team make ITS a valuable asset to our company. I look forward to our next project together. Steve Soto - Tri Tech Construction

  • ITS created a home automation and AV system that achieved the high technical standards I demanded, but at the same time made the system simple enough for guests to easily use. Their continued service and support of the system is unparalleled. Jon Landau - Bali Hai Owner

  • We have used Innovative Technology Solutions (ITS) on three major audio / video / security projects that encompassed two residential and one commercial property. Thrilled with the service and implementation – timely start and finish of the project; expert installation that minimized ancillary reparations, owner interruptions, and cleanup; professional setup of smart devices with training to all users. We greatly appreciated ITS and their ability to cut through all of the predictable downside of a major project, keep us happy, and deliver the expected results and then some. Michael & Cheryl Meads - Residential/Commercial Client


We are long-time Keys residents with experience in homes and businesses from Ocean Reef Club to Marathon to Miami and beyond. We work to realize your dreams, including finding and managing other local contractors to get the job done. As a result of both being local and experienced, we provide service nobody else can provide.

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View video guides to learn more about how to customize and operate your Control4 or Sonos system.

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